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Me and the Missus moved house a few years ago, and in the packing, and subsequent unpacking [as yet unfinished] that took place in those intervening months, I came across a stack of old sketch books.

We've added a new page so that I can put some of them up on display here.

So, here they are!

Some are very, very  rough, but for some obscure reason at the time that now escapes me I thought it worthwhile keeping them and now for some even stranger reason adding them here for all to see. I'll probabaly also add some of my very rough sketches here as well as I start to work up paintings and larger compositions.

Pat K

After Mucha by Pat Kent
"i-Twins" by Pat Kent
Sorayama 4 by Pat Kent
Sorayama 3 by Pat Kent
Wonder Woman by Pat Kent
Sorayama copy by Pat kent
1970's sketch by Pat Kent
Scribble by Pat Kent
Darth Stitz
That Ossie Clark Dress by Pat Kent
Windy Woman
Bobble hat
Back of a spoon Muso
Hunting Girl
Girl's face by Pat Kent
Dark haired girl by Pat Kent
Rough sketch by Pat Kent
Dawn sketch by Pat Kent [after Linsner]
After Sorayama by Pat Kent
Liz - 1970's colour sketch - By Pat Kent
"Judge Anderson" [After Bolland?] by Pat Kent

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