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I thought I should just add a few links to a couple of other sites that are trustworthy and that I can recommend.

Some are technical ones that are related to this site [Such as DSR who you should visit if you want a website designed], others are more related to Art, Pin-up or other, slightly more, diverse things that still interest me.....

For instance, and definitely not necessarily in any particular order:

For me, someone who despises boredom and who cannot sit still, this sort of list is pretty much endless.........................

If you want to link from the site drop me an e-mail with your details and banner etc and I'll be happy to consider it.

Pat Kent



Pat logo

My art site which you are currently visiting and so have no need for the address but here it is anyway!



Rob Larson

Rob Larson logo

Rob's site covers all aspects of his work, including his photographic images.

Rob's site carries art and photographic work of an explicit nature and should not be viewed by anyone under tha age of 18 or whose country's laws prohibit the viewing of such material.



Jethro Tull

Jethro Tull logo

Some say they are a shadow of their former selves but they remain a great band with a tremendous legacy of work

If you're into prog/folk/classical/celtic influenced rock then take a chance and go and have a look.



DSR Design

DSR Design logo

DSR Design provide a complete range of web development services with attention to detail, care and excellence. These services are based on a superior understanding of internet technology, business, and above all, the needs of their clients....

and David who runs it is a nice bloke.



The Pin Up Portal

The Pin Up Portal logo

Run by model Kate Donovan: See below for a link to Kate's own site, where she really does keep the spirit of classic pin-up alive.

Lots of history and links on this, her Pin-up Portal site.

It's well worth the visit if you want to broaden your understanding of pin-up.



Kate Donovan

Kate Donovan logo

Kate's a US model in the real pin-up style, in her own words she's working hard to give classic pin-ups a modern twist. If you like pin ups then Kate's site is certainly worth a visit or two...... or three or four.

Particularly if you want to broaden your understanding of Kate Donovan!



Matt Kent Photography

Matt Kent Photography logo

If you haven't already made the psychic link or simply guessed, yes, I have to say Matt is related to me...he's my brother, as well as being a very talented photographer.

His medium is mainly digital and his subject matter principally concert photography, although, maintaining the family tradition, a few scantily clad ladies do seem to sneak in there somewhere along the line.

Check his site out, which has been up and running for some time and is well worth a visit or re-visit.

........and I should also say he has the distinct advantage that whilst his photographs may be digital, the medium of the 21st Century, he supplements it by raw talent.

Enjoy his photgraphs, they are very, very good, even if I say so myself.




Hippocampus logo

Wait and see...........because we're told it's coming soon....

"I don't know much about philately, but I know what I lick"

Philip French - Writer




A positive cornucopia of crafts and arts in the US hosted by Blue Smith, Tull fan and all round good soul.



Naked Eye Online.....

Naked Eye Online..... logo

Remember the highly acclaimed fanzine of the same name [except the on-line bit of course] that gained regular praise and plaudits from many quarters....?

Remember it's enterprising and forthright author who moved onto bigger and better things in the world of The Who....?

Well it seems that they are coming back in a brighter, bolder and more accessible way.....very, very soon.....

If there's a space to watch then it's got to be linked to




SE1-online logo

A new gallery being developed to cater for a wide range of artists and tastes by a friend Steve Nixon and myself.

The site is now live and is currently undergoing some modifications in its construction but should be online fully by July 2009.

The aim is to provide a gallery for new artists, photographers, Illustrators and graphic designers who want to market their talents and artwork without the elitism that some of the artworld brings to the table.

If you are an artist who might be interested please use the contact forms on this site and your messages will be forwarded on.



The Boy Scout Manual

The Boy Scout Manual logo

Now up and running and very successfully too: A sister site to The Jethro Tull Board, acting as a repository for all things Tull. Contributions greatefully accpeted and acknowledged, post images of your memorabilia to



The Jethro Tull Group

The Jethro Tull Group logo

If you are interested in Jethro Tull, and fancy getting involved in a great discussion group with no holds barred then drop by, you will be made welcome.
Even if Tull is not your musical bag, please drop by and check it out there is always plenty going on. It is without doubt the brightest and best Tull chat group on the web.