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This is just a quick way to get my attention via this virtual post-office, crossing my palm with silver is also a very good way, as is buying me lunch or a pint. There are several other surefire methods of getting my attention, but I won't go into them here.

I hadn't really thought about doing commissions or sales when I first started this site as I didn't know if my work would be of any interest to that many people on that sort of level. Apparently, and very gratefully, I was wrong, as people have enquired about buying original pieces or copies.

A few enquiries about commissions has also made me rethink my original position on that as well, so, if you do want to enquire about buying any pieces on show, or commissioning a piece, just use the form below to contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as is humanly possible.

I'd love to hear your comments anyway, even if you didn't want to part with your hard earned cash!

If you do want to get in touch, and I'd love to hear from you, please use the form below, as there's less chance your reply will get mixed up with all the Viagra, cheap replica watches and scam bank validation junk mail that everyone seems to get these days and, remember, it's best to actually fill the form out then I'll know you're not some "bot" type of thing!

I've had several contacts through recently with no details provided at all.........Unfortunately, I am not psychic and while I'm happy to reply, I do need to have something to reply to, blank enquiry forms do not get a response, they are simply deleted. Even if English isn't your main language, give it a go, my partner speaks several languages and we'll try to get it deciphered it this end as best we can.



Pat Kent


For more information about any artwork or general questions please contact me on any of the details listed below.

phone: 0208 000 0000

You can contact us directly from this site by entering your details on the following form: