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This 'My Work' folder consists basically of my more detailed sketches. I don't add much of my full artwork here, much of it is too personal but most of these are practice pieces, some of which have been developed into paintings, some are pieces copied from other peoples original works, and either hand-copied or adapted by me, where I can I try to credit the original artist and always seek to respect their copyrights.



Reclining nude by Pat Kent
Tiger Tavern Dancer by Pat Kent
Kate Bush
Kate Donovan by Pat Kent
Warchild 2007 by Pat Kent
Bootsie and Smudge
Myth [Sphinx] by Marc quinn - Photo by Pat Kent
Myth [Sphinx] by Marc Quinn - Photo by Pat Kent
Myth [Sphinx] by Marc Quinn - photo by Pat Kent
Nude - Chatsworth 2007 by Pat Kent
Chatsworth interior by Pat Kent
Ann Margaret by Pat Kent
Black and Silver 1987
Cor! Phew! 1991
Portrait by Pat Kent
Turning point [1987] by Pat Kent
Liz [1970's] by Pat Kent
1991 or thereabouts by Pat Kent
Number 2 [Rough Sketch] by Pat Kent
Number 1 - [Rough Sketch] by Pat Kent

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