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This 'My Work' folder consists basically of my more detailed sketches. I don't add much of my full artwork here, much of it is too personal but most of these are practice pieces, some of which have been developed into paintings, some are pieces copied from other peoples original works, and either hand-copied or adapted by me, where I can I try to credit the original artist and always seek to respect their copyrights.



T.D.B 1 by Pat Kent
Under Wraps 1 - Reworked by Pat Kent
Pussy Willow II by Pat Kent after Dodson
'Up to me' by Pat Kent [after Hildebrandt ?]
The woman who took 'public lounge' too literally - Pat Kent after Hul
The woman who didn't get a parking ticket - by Pat Kent after Hildebrandt
The woman who stretched everything except the imagination - Pat Kent after anon
The woman who only went so far - by Pat Kent [after Frollo]
'The misty mood I'm in' by Pat Kent after Anon
Portrait - LJS - 1983/1984
Old Ghost  - Marlow 1983
Miss Scarlet by Pat Kent [after anon]
Dark side of the Moon by Pat Kent
'Reminiscing' by Pat Kent
Rocketeer UK - after Stevens by Pat Kent
Nude - Underpainting by Pat Kent
Potrait underpainting by Pat Kent
Old Ghosts 4 - Original sketch by Pat Kent
1970's rough portrait - intial sketch by Pat Kent
Lilac - A more detailed sketch by Pat Kent
Undressed to kill by Pat Kent [After Ballard]

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