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DIARY - By kind permission of....

Date: 2010-09-15 10:58:35

Author: Pat Kent


I do a bit of drawing, not as much as some and not as good as others.

I like comics, I like pin-up art, I like pre-raphaelite art, I even have time for a trip rouned the National to look at the old masters, or TATE Modern to take in somethings a little more abstract. Sometimes I like them enough to try my hand at recreating them, as a way of trying to educate myself in technique and style.

It's good to learn new styles which allow you to progress while doing it in a way which pays respect to someone else's work that you think deserves it.

Imitation is sometimes regarded as the most sincere form of flattery but sometimes it's just a rip off, particulalrly when the work is up for sale at some ludicrous price. If you ask, get permission and give credit then no harm done, you may even strike up a relationship with the original artist, unless of course it's an old master, Disney or one of the long dead comic book artists.

Then again it's all a matter of interpretation isn't it?....there are plenty of people out there copying copyrighted old masters, comic characters and the such who give no credit whatsoever to the poor guy [or gal] who slaved away over their drawing board or camera.

I sometimes use poses or styles of others but I like to think that where posible I am always polite enough to do my best to ask permission first and will always give credit to the original artist if I can, even providing links to the original artist's work if they would like that or where it's possible to provide a link. If I get denied permission then I won't do it, If I can't get access to get permission I will always try and give credit or make it clear it's a copy of someone elses work.

Anyway, what I was leading up to was, if anyone ever, as unlikely as it might be, wants to copy a piece of mine, then just send me an e-mail and ask, as long as I know you're doing it the answer will be yes....... and I'll be very keen to see the results.

I also operate an on-line art gallery where I display others work for them to sell. I don't like the machine that the art world has become and the artist deserves a better return on their work, similarly the massses deserve the opportunity to own a real piece of art, everyone does. So if you are an artist and want the opportunity to display and even sell your artwork drop me a line via

That's my two-pennorth for now

All the best

Pat K

© Pat Kent 2010 – All rights reserved. Pat Kent exercises his right to be identified as the author 2010


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