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DIARY - Life's a long song

Date: 2010-07-30 16:08:31

Author: Pat Kent


Well, with more than a little intervention from the man in the know who built this site for me, the video link worked. So, I may use that more often to show bits of music, art stuff and maybe even try my hand at some videography, who knows.

Been a sad day, my neighbour died a few months ago, and her family have just got around to cleaning her house out of furntiture etc. How sad it is to see the possessions that mark someone's life being broken up and dumped into a skip, and then being raked over bu 'rag and bone' men, scavenging for any of the good bits someone may have overlooked.

The last month has seen a lot of people I know having to deal with death and misfortune. These are not easy times for many, and with a government intent on destroying the welfare state, aided and abetted by a bunch of self-interetsed minority politicians, things might not get eaier, but hopefully, for those individuals I am close to with a bit of time, perserverence and belief, many things can be healed and improve; all I can offer is a shoulder for support and crying on, but I'm alwasy happy to do that for the people I care about.

At least it's made me realise my problems might not be that bad, it's taken my mind off the building problems that we have, looks like some major remedial work is required, still, as my wife said, it's bricks and concrete, not someone's life..... that puts it in perspective really.

All the best and make the most of your life.

UPDATED 4th August 2010 - Found out yesterday that an old colleague and friend, someone who mentored me through my early days at college and work passed away on Saturday. I got to hear of his funeral yesterday about 30 minutes before it was going to take place. I couldn't make it to the crematorium in time and so I have to mourn him and offer my respect in my own ways. A glass of good wine and piece of opera seem fitting.

Wally W RIP

Pat K

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