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DIARY - White City or Rockingham Estate Days

Date: 2012-12-12 20:04:57

Author: David


From Pete Townshends solo album White City this is the opening 9 minutes to Richard Lowensteins film made for Townshends EelPie company.

It shows a lot of film of The White City Council housing estate, a clone of many such estates in post-war London. Me and my brother grew up on an estate like this in South London.If you have ever lived on an estate like this then the lyrics of White City Fighting will have some resonance, it was tough and gritty [and at times very shitty] but it there is a certain kind of warped fondness for the times I lived there, the blokes, the girls and the growing up which was often done at fast forward speeds, but I would not change too much of it.

This track is Give Blood from the album White City

Followed by White City Fighting


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