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DIARY - Being taken for a mug

Date: 2011-08-22 16:33:12

Author: Pat Kent


I've been taken for a mug, so to speak, but not literally this time I may say.

A while ago I drew a sketch 'logo' for the Jethro Tull board that I ended up using as a signature logo under my screen name, it's been lurking there on the board for quite awhile now. It was addedd to the board's Facebook Page and spotted by Simon Hart of the rather nice Rockpots On-line pottery company. Simon takes iconic rock images such as album covers etc and turns them into rather nice teapot and mug designs.

Simon was kind enough to approach me and ask me if he could use my logo image, now I wouldn't put it in the pantheon of greatest 'rock icons', but it is very nice that someone like Simon has taken a bit of 'fan art' and giving it a new airing. I'm very pleased with the reuslt and grateful to Simon for taking the risk with it.

Rockpots can be found at or on their e-bay and facebook pages.

I'll add a direct link a bit later, but the image is on the right!

Pat K


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