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I'm no great shakes at this collecting business and "collection" might be too much of a grand title, but, I've always loved comic books, and never lost the bug for collecting them, although while the "bug" remains, somewhere along the line I did somehow manage to lose most of my old comics.

As I moved into my so-called respectable middle-age I met someone who ran an incredible business, simply selling comics and original comic art [although I continually fail to see how it can be classified as work, when it must be so satisfying as a hobby]. He bacame a mate, I bought a few pieces of artwork from him did a bit of picture framing for him and it finally kick-started me off on a journey of collecting comic and comic related artwork that once upon a time I could have never imagined.

I've collected here a few pieces that interested me enough to want to own them, and be able to look at them regularly. Probably not everyone's cup of tea, I'm sure, and the scans can never do justice to the actual images, but, as a current example of the genre, they certainly show that comic art has moved on considerably in the 40 years or so that I've been fascinated by it.

Add to the comic art the pin-up and glamour pieces that hark back to the days of the airbrushed images of women that graced the pages of WW2 and post-WW2 magazines and you have an insight into my odd little collection of "art". I hope you enjoy them.

I aim to add and update the text and images in this section as regularly as I can.

Pat Kent

Jessica Rabbit by Laurence Harvey
Jessica Rabbit by G W Fisher
Untitled - Rob Larson

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